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Camp Reena
Is No Ordinary Summer Camp... 

Camp Reena was established and designed to give each camper a wonderful summer, full of fun and growth. The goal is to empower the campers, to build their self confidence by creating a warm, caring, positive and encouraging environment. The wide variety of activities helps campers to discover and develop their strengths and talents. Reena=joy is definitely the most outstanding feature of our camp!


The atmosphere in Camp Reena is truly extraordinary! The air is rife with simcha, enthusiasm and energy! At the same time, it is a warm, caring and relaxed environment, so everyone feels free to try new skills, set higher goals and reach for them!

Super Fun

The camp program is FUN and well rounded; aimed at bringing out the BEST in each camper! The days are packed with:

  • Organized sports under the guidance of professional coaches that build the campers athletic and sportsmanship skills

  • Dance, drama, choir, art instruction and crafts

  • Fabulous trips, such as ice skating, gymnastics, indoor recreation

  • Special days such as Carnival, talent show and Color War!

  • Super funky and creative activities based on the theme of the summer!


Camp Reena staff members are incredible role models of middos tovos and Torah values! The counselors are post high school age girls who have had several years of camp leadership experience. They are carefully selected and then mentored by Mrs. Guttman. They are enthusiastic, fun, warm and extremely committed to giving every camper the best camp experience possible! 

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