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Camp Location:

Torah Academy of Boca Raton

South Campus


 3881 NW 3rd Ave

Boca Raton, FL 33431

Mrs. Gita Guttman has been working in the field of Torah education and child development for over twenty years. She also has several years of experience being a camp director, planning the programming, guiding the staff and overseeing the campers.

Mrs. Guttman views the summer camp experience as a crucial part of each camper’s year and an opportunity like no other for incredible growth.


Children blossom when:

  • They are in a secure, warm environment

  • They have strong relationships with their counselors

  • They have counselors who model beautiful middos and commitment to Torah values

Mrs. Guttman has designed a camp program in which the counselors set the tone of respecting and welcoming each camper. The staff models positive social skills (bein adam l'chaveiro), such as how to properly win or lose a game in a manner that is sensitive to one's peers. They model how to empathize with a friend who skins her knee or forgets her lines in a performance.  Just as importantly, they show the kids, by example, how to be fun-loving, how to let their creativity flow, and how to have a blast!! 

Camp Reena provides campers with a Torah rich environment conducive to their growth and happiness. Campers are expected to contribute to this culture with Torah appropriate behavior, speech and dress.

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